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10 Common Hotel Interview Questions and Tips to Answer Them

10 Common Hotel Interview Questions and Tips to Answer Them

Hotel interviews are an essential part of working in the hospitality industry in Maldives. Most applicants focus on getting the proper documents and papers required for employment in the country. However, most do not remember that interview preparation is also vital. So, preparing yourself for the common hotel interview questions that might come your way in the Maldives is crucial.

The resorts and hotel employment section usually oversees candidates who undergo a series of interview questions. As an applicant, you want to know how to answer these questions well. 

This post will discuss some common hotel interview questions and tips to answer them. We will also dive into some hints on how you can introduce and prepare yourself before a hotel interview. 

Why Should I Prepare For Common Hotel Interview Questions?

Most people need help understanding the advantages that come with suitable preparation for an interview. But looking deep into this topic, there are several reasons why applicants should prepare themselves for an interview with a Maldives resort or hotel. This includes;

Competitive Advantage

This reason is an obvious one. In any job opening, numerous applicants pursue a few positions or roles. Preparation can be vital to setting you apart from the crowd. A candidate who did good research about the interview would undoubtedly get a better chance ahead of others who failed to do the same. And this is one of the most essential reasons for preparing.

Boosting Your Confidence

Knowing how to answer possible questions that might come up during the interview can be a boost psychologically. A candidate who is prepared and confident ahead of these types of interviews is more likely to communicate effectively. And effective communication is a vital skill to get your chances higher. 

Avoid Hurdles

Hotel interview questions might look straightforward. Some of them could also give you an insight into a corresponding answer. But you want to avoid falling for it as sometimes, these questions could be challenging and tricky. Some hotel interview questions are asked to test the candidates, and you want to avoid saying something that might hamper your chances. 

So, if you have an insight into the possible questions, what they imply, and how to answer them, you can effectively overcome this hurdle.

Display Your Personality

Sometimes, hotels want someone who can do the job and has the right attitude. While preparing for an interview, you should do so in the light of showing your personality or brand as a professional. You must prove to the interviewer that you are the right fit for the job and show them that you can fit into the culture. 

10 Common Hotel Interview Questions

If you have been invited to a hotel interview, you might know what questions usually pop up. However, you must understand these questions and determine how best to answer them. Let’s dive in; 

  1. Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

This question is prevalent in every job interview, not just for hotel jobs. So, it is essential to know what it is all about. Most people make the mistake of boring the interviewer with a long story. The perfect answer to this question can be a short story about your background. It is a 90-second walk into your CV. 

The interviewer wants to know about your background, personality, interests, and how you fit the role. The best way to answer this question is to tell them about your work background, a little bit about yourself, and your interest in the job. 

  1. Why are you interested in this job role?

The keyword there in this question is ‘interested.’ The recruiters of the hotel want to hire staff who have an interest in the job and are willing to work long-term. A pitfall in this question is if you show that you are only interested in the paycheck rather than your genuine interest in carrying out the responsibilities that come with the job.  

Your CV can be an advantage when answering this question as you can indicate (if any) your past work experience working for a hotel or resort or showcasing other in-house jobs. 

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of this job?

You should only apply for a job with an understanding of its roles and responsibilities, right? Well, some people do otherwise. And recruiters sometimes try to use this question to filter them out. If you fall into this category, you should read about the job before applying. 

The best way to pass this step is to ensure you have read the job description or advert on the company’s website or whatever platform you found the opening. On most job postings, the hotels put the details of their companies, along with the job roles and responsibilities. You do not want to ignore this part, as it is crucial. 

  1. How do you handle an unhappy or difficult customer/situation?

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest goals in the hospitality industry. And every hotel would want to hire a staff to ensure customers are happy. Although having unhappy or difficult customers is inevitable, handling these situations well and turning them to your advantage is vital. 

What recruiters try to discover from this question is how you handle pressure in certain situations. You have to tell them about any soft skills you have that can turn an unhappy client into a repeat customer. 

If you are a beginner in this industry, answering this question is possible. You can give instances where customers can be unsatisfied while providing a proven solution to such problems.

  1. Have you been to our hotel’s website? What do you think?

Websites are a great way of advertising businesses and building an online presence. Most hotels have invested in this regard, and the recruiter might come up with questions from this angle. They do this to discover if you took the time to search for them online. And it would be great to do so while preparing for the interview.

An excellent tip for answering this question is to mention a few things you like about the website. You can also highlight one or two things that should be improved on the website. 

  1. How would you feel about working night shifts?

Hotels are usually open 24/7, and that would require staff to work night shifts to help clients with check-ins and check-outs. You have to show your availability when answering questions like this one. 

Night shifts in hotels come with general rules; you should get acquainted with them by asking questions. However, show your interest and willingness to work at night if it is necessary for your job. 

  1. What is your greatest weakness?

It is evident that this question sounds tricky, and it actually is. Most people bypass this question by mentioning a strength and trying to make it sound like a weakness. But most recruiters can decode this trick as it is now overused. But that does not rule it out completely. 

On the other hand, if you want to be honest when answering this question, you do not want to shoot yourself in the foot. That means you should avoid mentioning a weakness that would contradict your primary role in the job. 

Answering this question can be a make or break for you. So, you have to be creative and cautious at the same time. 

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question is common in every interview, whether in hotels or any other job. But it can make or break your chances of getting the job. This question will test your stability and interest in working and developing with the hotel. 

But there is also a trick to answering this question. 

The ideal answer to anyone, especially freshers, is to indicate they want to be in that hotel for the next ten years. However, that would not sound convincing as the recruiter might think you want to win the job desperately. This answer might not be ideal if your CV shows you have moved from one position to another over the years. 

The best way to answer this question is to show the recruiters or managers that you are reliable, stable, and willing to develop your career in the hospitality industry. 

  1. What is your greatest strength?

Another unique question that you should prepare for during a hotel interview is, “What is your greatest strength?” This might seem easy to answer, but you must ensure you do not say something to hamper your chances. This question aims to see your job and hotel-related skills. 

It is advisable not to brag about your strength, especially if you are a fresher. However, that does not mean you should not attest to your abilities positively. Most people would love to out every skill they feel would impress the recruiters. But amid competition from other candidates, you must be modest and crisp about stating your strengths. 

  1. What are your Salary Expectations?

Well, I know you smell something fishy with this question, and understandably so. This question is tricky. You should mention a salary range of a reasonable amount to avoid getting underpaid or losing the job due to being too expensive. 

So, how do you tackle this question? 

The most important thing to do is find out the position's salary range before going into the interview. That would make you give a reasonable expectation when answering this question. 

As a professional, you should hike a little on the previous salary range of this job after doing your findings. However, that differs for freshers, as the salary range is often fixed. 

Other Ways To Prepare For A Hotel Interview

Hotel interview questions are arguably the most critical part of an interview, but there are other preparatory strategies to remember. Here are four different ways to prepare for a hotel interview; 

Prepare Your CV

Every job applicant must craft an outstanding CV before any job interview. Recruiters can best understand your working background and experience if you have prepared a good CV. 

However, refrain from lying or exaggerating the details in your CV, as this can affect your chances if you cannot prove them during the interview. 

Research the Hotel

This strategy must be considered as there are a few questions a little research on the hotel can help you answer. Making an effort to research the hotel would also give an excellent impression to the recruiter. 

Study the Job Description

Remember the question, “What do you think the roles and responsibilities of this job are?” There is only one way to tackle this: by studying the job description on the postings. This will help you with the interview and give you a clear understanding of your role. 

Studying the job description is also an excellent way to determine if you are the perfect fit. 

Prepare Questions For the Interviewer

During a job interview, you do not want to only be on the receiving end. Asking questions can also be vital. This strategy can also let the interviewer know that you are putting an effort into ensuring that all parties are on the same page. 

Dress Properly

This tip might not sound necessary, but it is vital. Going into an interview, regardless of the position, requires that you dress well. Dressing well can appeal to the interviewer in so many ways. It can make you turn out confident while also boosting your confidence. Nevertheless, it is your appearance they see before anything else.

Wrapping Up

Answering questions in a hotel interview can be tricky sometimes, especially as a newbie. Getting familiar with these common hotel interview questions and understanding the tips you need to answer them is vital. Most people try to cram possible answers before going into the interview. However, it is advisable to understand the message you would pass across when asked specific questions. 

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