Angiri Joint Venture PVT LTD

This new extraordinary and lovely island, which has an elliptical shape with a
wonderful white sandy beach and a rich vegetation has been recently opened in BaaAtoll. The amusing vegetation seen on this island cannot be found in any other
resort in the Maldives.
However, the most outstanding and unique feature of this island, besides the
fantastic white sandy beach, is the 1600 SQM large fresh water lake which is built as
a biotope in the middle of the island. In this unique lake, with a lot of water lilies and
aquatic plants, there is a swimming area without chlorine where you can relax with a
calming swim.
This picturesque lake is surrounded by 20 m high mangrove trees on one side and 20
m high palm trees on the other side. This island with its fresh water lake and the rich
vegetation is unique in the Maldives. There is no other island like this in the