Plankton Engineering Pvt Ltd

Plankton Engineering is a subsidiary company formed in the year 2015, after successful operation of Plankton Investment Pvt ltd. All engineering related works were transferred from Plankton investment to Plankton Engineering after the establishment.


Plankton has become the most admired name in the field of electromechanical engineering, here in Maldives.


Plankton Investment Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2005 aiming to leverage the expertise, know-how and experience gained in the field of electromechanical engineering. We are mainly specialized in power plant related works, including supply and installation of Synchronizing Panel Board, Diesel Generators, installation and commission of Medium Voltage Equipment, maintenance of Diesel Generators and Electrical Systems. We design Diesel Power Plant, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical systems. Plankton also carries out Power system assessments and evaluates performance of the machinery and systems and prepares technical reports. Our service includes, design & installation of DC power supply systems, UPS systems and Power Plant sound proofing and ventilation systems.

With a strong presence in the market, we, Plankton Engineering is proud to showcase our exceptional showrooms ENERGY WORLD


Our showrooms are designed to premium experience, offering comprehensive range of products and services. We currently operate three distinguished showrooms, each showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.


The First 2 showrooms are conveniently situated in Male’, specifically in the prominent areas of Janavareemagu and Ameeneemagu. This prime location allows us to effectively reach our target audience and provide them with unparalleled access to our premium offerings.

In addition to our showrooms in Male’ we extend our reach to the southern most part of the Maldives, specifically in Addu Hithadhoo. His showroom serves as a testament to our dedication in reaching customers across different regions, ensuring that they can experience our exceptional products and services, regardless of their geographical location.



  • ENERGY WORLD - Janavareemagu 7932030

            Ground Floor, H.Thonada, Janavareemgu, K.Male


  • ENERGY WORLD – Ameeneemagu 7353678

            Ground Floor, Ma.Gulaabeege, Ameeneemagu, K.Male


  • ENERGY WORLD – Addu Hithadhoo 7266678

           Ground Floor, Masjid Al-Rahman, Ziyaaraiy Magu, S.Hithadhoo