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Our Story 

Capital Travel & Tours was formed as a limited liability company in the Maldives in 1990 specializing in inbound and outbound travel management. Today, it is one of the most prominent and leading tour operators in the country with a wide global network of tour operators and clientele. As a tour operator, Capital Travel is able to provide clientele with resourceful choices and best prices in the market due to its long-standing business relations with resorts and hotels, built over the past 27 years.

Today, Capital Travel has well over 500 partners around the world and is classed as one of the largest and most reliable tour operators in the Maldives. The company has allotment contracts with all the leading resorts and hotels in the Maldives. With more than 50 well trained and experienced staff with full commitment to customer satisfaction, we attend to every need of our clients and partners diligently and efficiently. 

Capital Travel has an extensive presence online with our website and through the various social media platforms we are able to offer attractive deals and special offers to our customers in real time. Today, we are proud to be able to take care of everything for our clients and partners including flights, room reservations and local transportation. Furthermore, we are proud to provide solutions for our customers on a personal basis for every aspect of their travel. 


In 2002, the Capital Group ventured into Hotels Supply business with the formation of ASTRABON Hotel and Resort Supply Private Limited. Today, we are one of the leading companies in this business with the largest collection of kitchen utensils and equipment showcased in the ASTRABON Showroom in the heart of Male’. 


We are working tirelessly with are partners to continue our businesses sustainably with great vision, care and confidence. We are a reputable Group that works continuously to improve our services and provide the best deals for our clientele and business partners in the Maldives and across the Globe. 


Growth and Success


Capital Travel has enjoyed tremendous growth since formation in 1990. We have served thousands of customers from countries across the World.

It is our conviction that with the new age of technology, bringing all of us ever closer and making holiday bookings and business in general more hassle free and automated, we will enjoy further growth going forward.


We treat our clientele with dignity and respect and leave no stone unturned in order to provide them with our best services right from the moment we make initial contact. We thrive on the confidence we build with our clients and partners. 

We make it our sole purpose to delight our clients in cooperation with our partner hotels and resorts.

Whether you are looking for a simple sunbathing beach holiday or a romantic getaway, we have the place you are looking for and the best deals in the market.


The People 


Capital Group has more than 50 staff across its various business operations. The Founder of the Group and Executive Chairman, Mr. Yousuf Riffath is still the main pillar and personally oversees all operations of the Group.

Yoosuf Riffath | CEO

CEO of the company

Founder and principal owner of the Capital Group of Companies, Mr. Riffath began his career in the tourism industry and gained experience for over 5 years in various posts before starting Capital Travel and Tours. As Executive Chairman, he is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Group and oversees all activities supported by an affluent staff.


Today, Mr. Riffath is a prominent businessman in the Maldives and founding member of Maldives Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agents (MATATO) and Maldives Travel Association (MTA). Mr. Riffath also participates in several travel and tourism related exhibitions around the World including the key expos such as World Travel Market (UK), ITB Germany, BIT Milan and other similar events.


Mr. Riffath has been recognized by business partners and the Government of Maldives as a prominent business leader and contributor to the advancement of the Maldives economy in particular the tourism sector.

About us Team
Managing Director

Abdulla Riffath


To strive to remain as the leading tour operator in the Maldives and provide our clients with great deals through our network of partners whilst maintaining a leadership position in the Maldives tourism industry.


Through our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we maintain and build on our position as a reputable travel and trade company. And, with the right balance of human resources and technology, we aim to become a modern and efficient company exceeding expectations in the services we provide.

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