Maldives Chess Association

  • MalĂ©, Maldives

To promote chess as a competitive sport with in Maldives, conduct and facilitate tournaments. To facilitate individuals/ organisation in any parts of the Maldives, who seek to know chess with the capacity of the association.Organise tournaments and facilitate organisation to conduct tournament and encourage them to organise more. To train players to compete at International competitions and facilitate opportunities for the payers to play at international tournaments. Create equal opportunities for kids, youth, adults and seniors to learn and improve in chess. Organise national and international tournaments. Trainer and provide opportunities for trainer, arbiters and organiser. Facilities technical assistance with in the capacity of the Maldives Chess Association in tournaments organised by other organisation. Find our way to achieve the association goals. Act within the constitution of Maldives and have transparency within the organisation.  Be aware with the international rules, update all with in the chess families. The organisation should not create any conflict against any law in Maldives and should follow international best practices. Introduce national teams in different age categories, provide them training opportunities to become outstanding players. Train outstanding players to compete in competitive tournaments, train arbiter and instructors. Find opportunity in terms of technical, financial or any other means which could bring development to chess in Maldives. Manage the resource of the association to bring administrative and constructive development.