Brew and Feast Maldives Private Limited

  • M. Honey Dew, 2nd Floor, Izzuddheen Magu, K. Male', Maldives
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Brew and Feast Maldives Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Maldives in the year 2020 by a group of professionals to cater to the lifestyle change in eating patterns of Maldivians across the country.

As urbanization widens its reach across the country, Maldivians are working longer hours and are
increasingly deprived of time. This is causing an overall change in eating patterns and consumer
lifestyles have shifted to favor more convenience-oriented and time-saving options for meal
occasions as the working population has less time to prepare scratch meals at home.

The change in the trend in Maldives has boosted demand for the food service sector in the country
and thus Sub Company Pvt Ltd was incorporated with a vision by its founders to cater the
population with quality and style with options of takeaway, home deliveries, quick and
convenient manner and full-service restaurant dining options by introducing international brands
which will build consumer confidence. The company will also cater to growing consumer health
consciousness and will introduce healthy-style restaurants.

In this respect, the company has been awarded by Retail Food Group (RFG) of Australia with the
rights of Master Franchise of Gloria Jeans Coffees for the territory of Maldives. And the Master Franchise of Chicking for the territory of Maldives.