Nooranma Travel Company Pvt Ltd

Nooranma Travel Maldives was established in the Maldives on 24th April 1994. The company was incorporated to serve as a Yacht Agency for small sailing yachts calling to Male’ port in Maldives. Inother words we are a port Agent in Maldives. These small sailing yachts have been the beacon that has guided and steered the company over the years as it grew to become the leading Yacht Agency in Maldives. Providing comprehensive Shore side support services to supeyachts, cruise liners, Cargo Vessels and Navyships from various countries calling ports of Maldives. Over the years, the founding company has grown and developed into a premier yacht agent for distinguished yacht owners and captains. Today Nooranma Yacht Support Maldives maintains its leading position by focusing on providing sterling customer Service with dedication and professional excellence to every Vessel owner & captain. Nooranma Yacht Support Maldives takes pride today as the single Yacht Charter and Yacht Management Agent providing the full range of services in the Maldives. Ensuring its customers a smooth and hassel free port of Call to Maldives from point of Entry till the day of Depature from Maldives