Ego Maldives Pvt Ltd

Ego Maldives Pvt Ltd started with a vision to professionally cater for the much demanded supply of timber and plywood for furniture, engineering in all areas of business in the Maldives. The aim is to revolutionize the Maldives timber supply in furniture and construction industry. Ego Maldives Pvt Ltd was established and registered with the Ministry of Economic Development & Trade in November 2009, to become the face of the modern timber industry.
Ego Maldives Pvt Ltd continues to improvise and expand in all potential directions to uphold the company’s reputation as the market leader. With the countries largest timber storage facilities, state of the art sawmill, of Ego Maldives Pvt Ltd is well positioned to substantiate its current market status in the future.
Sustained product innovation and development motivated by constant customer needs identification and analysis, is the key to timber life’s successful introduction of such a broad spectrum of timber treatment products into the Maldivian market.
We have an impressive share of the business market comprising of resort and hotel operators, building project operators, carpentry operators, government offices, as well as a noteworthy share of the local consumer market.
We are proud of our company’s inherent elements that have contributed to its immense success over the past years.
We believe in making life easy for our customers by delivering fast, reliable and high quality service. Our fully equipped modern in-house saw mill runs with highly effective machineries and equipment so that we can accommodate every saw milling and planning works required by our valued customers.
We also believe that both our sawmills are one of the most advanced and efficient in Maldives.