Ixy Pvt Ltd

Over the years, the founder of IXY became fascinated by the advancement of technology. Leading to the idea of integrating service provision and modern technology. In which multiple services would be provided via the medium of one single mobile-application.


With that, IXY PVT LTD was found and the IXY app was developed as one of a kind mobility platform in Maldives, providing a range of services.

The IXY App - A platform where quality and comfort is never compromised.


The IXY App offers solutions by connecting service-seekers to potential service-providers. The IXY App aims to enable thousands of livelihood opportunities for not just local service-providers but also create an ease of access platform for service-seekers.


The IXY App launched on 01/03/2022 began the flight to high rises with its first services being sea transport and Recreational activities. Transport services are aimed to enhance connectivity to the most remote coordinates in Maldives with ease while providing unmatched commitment to safety, quality and reliability. IXY strongly believes in facilitating quality and comfortable user experiences.


With its possibility of upholding the name of Maldives, locally as well as internationally, IXY will keep looking to build mobility for the users at all times.