j'aime holidays Pvt Ltd

J'aime Holidays Pvt.Ltd, is local Destination Management agency that has been established since 2018.We are in collaboration with a few agencies in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India , we can deliver the perfect bespoke solutions to the ever changing needs of our clients is our ultimate goal. We strongly believe that Maldives is beautiful country that everyone from all walks of life can visit in whatever budget you might be in. Our vision where our main focus is serving the travelers from around the world with our knowledge, experience and our passion to travel.

We began our journey on 2018 with one of leading holiday destination in the world - the Maldives. However our team has been working in this industry for more than 10 yrs. Our team consist of professional knowledgeable guides, travel consultants with our policy of "everyone included" in mind. Therefore we provide a wide range of tour packages from Expensive to value for money. We have focused more on guest experience , comfort, to make it more hassle free.

we believe establishing and maintaining a solid relationship with our associates and out
customers in order to provide the highest quality of service.
Your happiness matters to us !
Choose J'aime Holidays Maldives and we will give the best within your budget