Maldives Finance and Leasing Company

Maldives Finance Leasing Company Private Limited (MFLC) was set up in 2001 and commenced operations in June 2002. Establishing a formal leasing industry in the Maldives was an initiative of the International Finance Corporation and the Maldives Monetary Authority. The primary objective in setting up the company was to diversify the Maldivian financial sector and to instill healthy competition amongst its players.
Ownership of MFLC was changed hands in April 2014 with the sale of Company to Tree Top Investments Pvt Ltd.
Tree Top Investments was founded in 30 May 2013 by a group of successful shareholders in the Maldives, each with years of experience and success stories from diverse business sectors. Tree Top Investments was set up with the vision to combine the extensive expertise of the partner shareholders into one pioneering company; to traverse the boundaries between, consolidate sectors, and generate an admirable portfolio of investments and a robust business model.
Tree Top acquired MFLC as their first investment project to provide attractive and accessible financial schemes to the Maldives. Tree Top’s investment portfolio includes, Tree Top Hospital and Commercial Bank of Maldives as well.