Bringing reliability, professionalism and confidence to the water transport business in the Maldives.

We are on a mission to elevate the standards of the water transport sector in the Maldives. With our 10 years experience in the industry and a relentless drive for success we believe we are well equipped to make a difference.

From the World famous passenger boat the Touring 38 to the majestic Waveshuttle 56 luxury lounge vessel we lease boats that are safe, generate high returns and meet the expectations of your most demanding customers.

We have brand new ready boats for immediate leasing or crewed charter.

We offer a large choice of passenger boats, daily cruisers and yachts on build to lease basis. If you run a top luxury hotel and wish to stand out from the crowd with a customized passenger boat speak to one of our associates. Smart Own has transformed the mainstream Gulf Craft Touring line into a floating piece of art. Take a look at the interior of the Sea Lounge 40 which is a bespoke version of the Touring 40 designed by Smart Own and built by Gulf Craft. The boat stands as a witness of the epitome of mastery craftsmanship that the boat builder has reached.