D Blue Pvt Ltd

The business operations of D Blue Pvt Ltd are carried out under two main umbrellas – D Blue Marine and Lizzy.

D Blue Marine is one of the most trusted names today in Maldivian marine equipment industry. Lizzy has also diversified as the lifestyle and casual wear showroom.

D Blue Marine is one of the leading Marine equipment, Engineering and Technical Service provider in the Maldives. We have developed into a recognized partner for an ever-growing client base. We understand the requirements of our customers, resulting in long standing customers, resulting in long standing relationships and a fast-growing local exposure.

Our commitment to client satisfaction and quality goes hand in hand with an equal emphasis on environment, health & safety. Quality and customer satisfaction are the top priority for the company, and it is one of the policies that the company wishes to abide. At present the company offers its products and services to local clients.