Symphony Maldives PVT LTD

  • MalĂ©, Male, Maldives

A service oriented company sharing a vision of becoming “Champions in the service industry” by
implementing and sustaining innovation through products and services. Founded in 1992,
Symphony Maldives specializes in Restaurant, Catering and Guesthouse business within Capital
Male’, Laamu Atoll and Kaafu Atoll. Symphony Maldives has retained a reputation for consistency
in food taste and unique service style. The company’s main aim is to pursue a dream of not just
providing quality products and services to customers, but to become the “Champions in the
service industry”.
With over 20 years in the service industry, we have gained experience to cater for huge parties,
operate and manage 4 restaurants in different locations, simultaneously ensuring all restaurants
are practicing excellent “Symphony Service Standards”.