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Recruit the perfect employees for your company, from where ever you prefer, with trust and confidence.

Sun Air was established in 1992, bearing the name as the first recruitment agency in the Maldives. We specialize in recruiting a wide range of expatriates from blue collar jobs to white collar jobs in Maldives. Certainly our aim is not to flood the Maldives with expatriates, but to fill the positions for which there is shortage of Maldivian candidates.

In the hope of stabilizing and developing this industry and its agencies our Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Fauzy, has initiated the Association for employment Agencies. He also served as the founder and the first chairman of the    association.

Sun Air has over 23 years of experience in providing the best and most suitable employees for companies in the Maldives. A detailed report of our services to the companies provided will be included in the company profile submitted along with this proposal.

One of our key achievements is recruiting 2500 staff for Shangri La Project in Addu Atoll, Villingili. Also note that most of the expatriates that were recruited were professionally skilled people. In addition to this we have recruited huge numbers of staff for various other industries such as Education, Information Technology, Tourism, Aviation, Health and Telecommunication.

Vision: is to maintain the quality of our services as a recruitment consultant, and develop further efficiency in light of ever progressing technology and resources.

Mission: is to complete all requirements and projects within limited time with exceptional quality, sincerity and professionalism

Target: is to provide ideal candidates (local and expatriate) for prospective Employers   within the shortest span of time, in accordance with the Labor rules and regulations of Maldives. And to grant a platform for Employers to organize and manage daily formalities of expatriate employees in order to achieve a fine-free and stress free employment opportunity in Maldives.