4Pals Maldives Private Limited

At 4Pals we have been supplying both the food service and retail industry with high quality fast-moving consumer goods [FMCG] for over 10 years. Always at the right price. With our hands on approach to sourcing and development we are able to provide our customers with high quality products, from wide-ranging manufacturers. We adhere safety protocols and abide by industry standards and government regulations on distribution of consumer-packaged goods.

Our selection of fresh produce, frozen meat, a wide range of spices & herbs are in high demand and popular in Resorts & restaurant kitchens. Quality grains, dried foods, cooking oils, juice concentrates, confectioneries and packaged dairy products, and many more, are continuously in stock and ready for delivery at a moments notice.

We supply the leading inter-atoll retail chains, local retail stores, Tourist Resorts, Guesthouses, restaurants/Cafes, wholesalers and other mini-retail and independent retailers.

Fresh More Trade - is our wholesale center. We distribute to over 5,000 customers, including all the major Supermarket Chains in the Maldives, mini markets, grocery stores. We also distribute perishables & processed foods to Resort islands, including Guest houses, Tourist safari boats, Café/Tea shops, Restaurants and industrial formations in the Maldives.

We deliver daily, 6 days a week, covering all of Maldives. We have a dedicated team,
large warehouses, bikes, delivery and hires regular inter-atoll ferries for outside Male’ transportation.