Atoll Logistics Pvt. Ltd

ATOLL Logistics Private Limited, is a logistics and supply chain that moves business and industry through innovation, inspiration and foresight. We deliver excellence in end-to-end logistics and supply chain management, daily enabling customers to grow in an efficient, proactive and cost effective manner.

Int'l Freight Forwarding & Local Logistics is our core business and our knowledgeable team helps us to serve the Island Nation with personalized Freight and Logistics Solutions. Keeping the Special Nature of Maldives in our minds, we have created solutions that fit the market demand and result in Happy and Satisfied customers.


As far as its history, culture and values are concerned, it is difficult to compare Maldives with any other country, similarly, you can not apply Global Standard Procedures to perform the regular freight and logistical tasks here. In the areas of Int'l Freight and Local Logistics, Comparable Lines has examined the challenges and managed to hammer out a Quicker, Efficient and Affordable solution to those challenges. Our integrated logistics management brings together Air, Sea, Over Land & Short Sea transport under one coordinated framework to create a single logistics window source that enables us to serve the scattered Laccadive Sea islands more proudly.


Established in 2008, today we are at the forefront of the logistics industry with expanded operations in the capital and with our own regional offices located in Singapore and Sri Lanka.

We specialized in;

  • Forwarding Services,
  • Custom Clearance,
  • Packing Services,
  • Transshipment Handling,
  • Warehousing & Distribution Services,
  • Container Liner  Operation and Etc.


Note: Through our International shipping-line agencies division, customer logistics and supply chain reach is extended throughout the globe with having partner offices at  each city of each country worldwide.