wings services pvt Ltd

The success story of Wings Services Pvt Ltd is one of perseverance, diligence, integrity and courage.

Wings Services Pvt Ltd was founded in 1988, with fragile wings that was just learning to fly. Armed with nothing more than pure faith and a burning instinct to take to the skies, Wings Services has persisted in strengthening itself over the years.

With steely determination, the company continues to soar, earning itself a respectable and coveted reputation as one of Maldives’ shining gem.

A solid base in the F&B and hospitality industries serves as a foundation, forming strong pillars of business expansion in related businesses such as franchise management, catering, F&B-related products, services and operations.

Our F&B outlets located in the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (formerly known as Male International Airport) have gained local and international recognition, serving as glowing testaments of our expertise in world-class F&B management and operations.

Today, Wings Services Pvt Ltd is a full-fledged diversified business entity that is geared to build a global brand through its extensive network and business experience.