Raintree Group Pvt Ltd

  • Malé, Maldives

Founded in 2017, Raintree Group Pvt Ltd has emerged as one of the best and fastest growing
food companies in the Maldives. We are a dynamic organization that takes pride in impacting
hundreds of people on a daily basis through the institution of cafés and restaurants offering a
variety of high-quality foods items and services. Driven by a passion for great tasting food,
Raintree Group Pvt Ltd continuously strives to be unique and different in its approach to food
by putting a twist on old favorites. We specialize in the efficient preparation and serving of
safe, delicious, and highly nutritious food, in clean, comfortable and relaxing environments.
Based in the Maldives with a mainly local customer base, Raintree Group Pvt Ltd currently has
3 outlets in operation under the brand of TULIP GROUP with a total seating capacity of 285. We
have a dedicated team, well-trained staffs and experienced chefs who are enthusiastic about
serving our customers with high professionalism and courtesy.