Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd

Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd, famous for its highly recognizable success in the tourism industry of Maldives, is a benchmark for many rising agents in the travel industry.

As a 12 year old travel agency with a global reputation of excellence, among our suppliers and clients, we currently provide complete solution to inbound travelers, with compliancy and versatility for leisure, charters & group tours; main focus being European, Russian & CIS, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other leading markets across the globe, whether the choice of travel facility is a resort, liveaboard or a guesthouse.

With a highly capable and energetic team, inclusive of an array of multiple skills and ineffable experience in the field, Splendid Asia has proven to be able to provide outstanding service to its guests from basic to the best imaginable customized luxury, within the country.

At Splendid Asia, our quality of service is never compromised, and therefore the technological aspect has been utilized strongly, as the fast and immediate response is a high expectation today. Celebrated internally and appreciated within our loyal clientele, our valuable and sophisticated online booking system enables much expected mutual convenience, as it is integrated with the most pertinent technology simplifying the handling of booking confirmations, with its conformation to speed and reliability.

The sustained efforts to strengthen all portions of service to partners and guests are vigorously continued by the exuberant management of Splendid Asia, in addition to the thorough guidance provided to the rest of the team. While the combined support has elevated much respect and content towards the agency, our foremost priority has always been instilling even more trust and confidence in service seekers, by not just facilitating a flawless experience, but also providing a splendid service to anyone seeking our travel expertise.