Island Breeze Maldives Pvt Ltd

  • Henveiru, MalĂ©, Maldives

Island Breeze Maldives Pvt., Ltd was formed in 1993 in the Republic of Maldives and is fully owned and managed by Maldivians. Island Breeze is the leading operator of life style boutiques in high-end resorts of the Maldives. We own and operate over 20 exclusive boutiques in some of the most luxurious resorts in the Maldives. Most of our boutiques are established in resorts managed by top tier international hotel brands.

Our boutiques are among the finest you would find in the Maldives in clothing and souvenirs. We aim to provide a unique shopping experience to tourists visiting our boutiques. Our continuous efforts in sourcing by visiting all major clothing, premium gifts & handicraft fairs over the past 23 years have resulted in a wide range of exclusive items perfect and appropriate for luxury retail boutiques. Our products are carefully crafted and designed to make shopping experiences highly satisfying and to provide visitors with clothing, souvenirs and gift items that would preserve and enhance memories of their Maldivian holidays.