A.J Enterprises Pvt Ltd

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Profile of A.J. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

NAME: A.J. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

ADDRESS: M. West View, 2nd Floor, Fulooniyaa Magu, Male’, Maldives

CONTACTS: Landline: 3316240, Mobile: 7906240, 7777588 Fax: 3342567

E-MAIL: info@ajenterprises.com.mv


  1. J. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is a proactive business company established in 1997 in the Maldives by a professional team of managers with post graduate qualifications and extensive knowledge about private and public sectors of Maldives. The company began as a management consulting and mobile training firm in the Maldives. As a matter of fact, A.J. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. under its subsidiary name of A. J. Mobile Training was pioneer in the field of mobile management training in the Maldives.

Having grown into a successful and vibrant business enterprise within a short span of time, the Company soon branched into its current most dominant venture, commercial security services in 2001. A. J. Enterprises made history in this field of business by becoming the first local and leading commercial physical security service in the Maldives. It now enjoys the largest market share of business, having a 150-strong force of security personnel working round the clock of its operation in Male’, Hulhumale’ and Vilimale’. The Company also concurrently offers electronic security services too and a number of closed – circuit cameras at a number of its sites.

Recently, the Company has been further diversified its business in various related fields and began to provide janitorial services. Having gained considerable experience and expertise in local business activities, the Company is confident of providing quality services to its clients. It also attaches great importance to training and upgrading of skills of its employees in order to raise quality of service offered to the clients. Training and skill development workshops are held on a quarterly basis in collaboration with local academic institutions and competent authorities of the government such as Maldives Police Services and Maldives National Defense Force. A. J also takes pride to mention that it is the security company that pays highest salaries for employees of private security services.