Swimsol Maldives

Together with our partners and shareholders we have worked in the European solar industry for 22 years and have implemented over 500 solar systems and over 100 MW of installations.

In 2009, we visited the island nation of Maldives, composed of 1196 islands, with few islands larger than 1 square kilometre. Sunshine here is plentiful, yet there is little space for solar panels on the islands. To solve this problem, the idea of SolarSea crystallised, as we envisioned solar panels floating in the lagoons of Maldives.

In 2014, after more than four years of research in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, we launched SolarSea in the Maldives. Currently, our subsidiary Swimsol Maldives provides local services and maintenance, supported by our Maldivian partners Riyan and marine experts LaMer Group.