Zeldiva Maldives Private Limited

With descriptions as technical as Zero-Length-Launching to describing the capacity to cater to the quality demanded and caliber of services fit for a Diva or a Star, we eagerly concluded to em-body Zeldiva synonymous with the zeal for success and adventure. We boldly represent ourselves as confident and capable to take on the needs of our customers encouraging them to celebrate lifestyle travel, adventure, exploration and to seek new sensational thrills.

We are a group of eager and passionate individuals with personal professions that aligned us to access the rare vantage point to the heart of the travel industry of the Maldives. We have the opportunity to closely observe the inner working of the business, and our staff always take the time to familiarize with our products and are well-informed on the needs and demands of our customers which helps to provide better customer services.

Our familiarity in this industry is not our only advantage; significantly the industry itself
is familiar with our personnel.