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One of the last remaining “original” island, away from tourist crowds Rihiveli continued to preserve its nature, serenity and friendliness of the island since 1983. You will be touched by the unspoiled beauty of what used to be the Maldives . In an essential comfort, you will return to nature and be able to enjoy the layback attitude of your island. The sense of simplicity calls to mind a Robinson Crusoe existence and guests are recommended to go barefooted around the island. Unique to its surroundings within the lagoon are also the two virgin islands of Sunrise and the Birds, both about 400- metre radius and easily accessible on foot or by canoe.

Rihiveli Beach Resort  is set on the stuning island of, Mahaana Elhi Huraa, Male Atall. The island is managed by a passionate group wishing to protect this jewel of the Indian Ocean. and the objectives are to protect the environment and the “no news no shoes” mentality while giving employees and visitors the desire to stay or return, In harmony with the environment, everything is done to make your stay unforgettable.

In Rihiveli, we live at the rhythm of nature with a choice of 48 bungalows, all sunset or surise facing. We are looking for simplicity. You can decide for a peaceful moment or take part in the activities already included. Our aim is to make you want to come back, and make you feel at home.

Save The Dream Maldives Pvt Ltd Rihiveli the Dream, Maldives
Jun 11, 2018
Full time
SCOPE OF POSITION:   To clean the guest and management level staff rooms. To provide amenities for these rooms and keep ready for a pleasant and comfortable stay.   MAIN DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE JOB:   Signs the attendance sheet at the beginning and at the end of each shift and takes the responsibility of the keys issued.   Organizes the basket for operation for use on the assigned area.   Takes responsibility for checking the status of the rooms assigned.   Enters rooms in a polite and acceptable manner according to the Standards of Service Policies of the Resort.   Makes up any beds, which have been slept in and ensure that the bed linen is changed each day.   Dust and damp wipe all furniture including the picture frames, polish any bright work.   Empties contents of ashtrays in the toilet-bowl and washes ashtrays.   Collects glasses, equipment and get them cleaned.   Disposes waste material properly and waste from waste-bins or containers.   Replenishes all room supplies (i.e. bathrobes, stationary, glasses, room service menus, note paper, pens, magazines, extra pillows, hangers, laundry bags, etc).   Tidies and arranges neatly any guest toilet articles on the vanity unit in the bathroom.   Replenishes any bathroom supplies (i.e. toilet tissue, towels and bathroom amenities). Hang up any guest’s night clothing that may have been left on the floor.   Reports any broken or damaged items to HK Supervisor immediately including items that can be broken by the guest.   Reports to HK Supervisor about any missing items.   Ensures that all windowsills and doorframes are dusted and wiped.   Cleans any finger marks or other marks on the windows.   Reports to HK Supervisor about any light bulbs, lamps, and etc that are not working properly or not working at all.   Removes any articles of guests that have been left in checked out rooms and bring them to Lost and Found Office immediately. Any valuables that are found such as money, driving licenses and airline tickets, should be removed and HK Supervisor contacted immediately by phone.   Ensures that the blinds are clean and hung properly. Any missed parts should be reported immediately.   Removes any room service trays that may have been left in the rooms.   Ensures that all furniture and lampshades are straight.   Makes final thorough room check before leaving the room.   Complete the rooms report accurately and thoroughly.   Performs duties as assigned by HK Supervisor. After the worksheet has been signed by HK Supervisor returns to the office and signs for keys.   Ensures that the linen store and basket for operation are left neat and tidy at the end of shift.   Delivers cleaned linen to the housekeeping huts from the laundry.   Collects soiled linen from the housekeeping huts to laundry.   Picks up garbage from housekeeping huts to incinerator. General Requirements: Minimum 6 months of experience required in Hospitality Industry Maldivians Only Interested candidates for the above position should submit their CV’s to not later than 1600hrs of 5th July 2018 (Thursday). Tel: +960 4009884 Email: