Visitens Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd

The Visitens Travels & Tours starts with a well-organised itinerary. Our travel agency handles all bookings of our customers providing the best routes for their destination. Our Hotels; The White Harp Beach and Le Vieux Nice Inn  customers will be received at the airport by our staff and will be guided to our vehicles designated for direct airport transfers. All operations are well supervised and managed by the company directors ensuring a keen focus on customer satisfaction where all services are shaped for the convenience and comfort of the guests.


Today Maldives has an increasing number of tourist hotels and travel operators, which gives the locals quite a few options to choose from when it comes to planning a local holiday. This is one market the directors of Visitens have decided to pay a key focus for their future expansions of the company business.


With their expertise in the local tourism and hospitality industry, the directors of Visitens are more than familiar with the potential of local tourism. Operating an award wining travel agency and running a fully serviced lodging, Visitens is already one step ahead when it comes to serving local holidaymakers.