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Top 10 Hospitality Industry Certification For Career Growth

Top 10 Hospitality Industry Certification For Career Growth

Working in the hospitality industry in the Maldives comes with excellent career opportunities. As with a few other sectors, hospitality industry certifications can be a perfect addition to your resume or CV. 

There are several benefits to having certifications when applying for a job in the hospitality industry. In addition, a few job positions or roles require a certificate. Although these certifications are not standard requirements for all jobs, they can be advantageous in getting most jobs. 

However, finding the best certifications in the hospitality industry can be challenging sometimes. This post discusses some top hospitality industry certifications that can help boost your career growth. 

What are Hospitality Certifications?

Certifications are given to people with accomplishments, skills, or an educational degree in a specific field in the hospitality industry. These certifications are earned or awarded to professionals who have shown their dedication or been through a skill acquisition program in the industry. 

Hospitality industry certifications come in different types. Some professionals get them for how long they have been in the industry, while others, like freshers, can get certificates to help grow their career in a specific path. 

Who Needs Hospitality Industry Certifications the Most?

There is a wide range of professionals working in the Hospitality industry. And getting a certification in any of these fields is vital. However, there are some sections in the hospitality industry where these documents can make a difference. Let us highlight some positions where these certifications can be most valuable. 

Hotel Managers and Executives

These are some of the most senior positions in a hotel or resort. Several certifications in this field can make a difference for professionals. Examples include certificates like Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) or Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager (CHRM). 

Professionals in the hospitality industry can improve their knowledge and skills with these certificates. 

Event and Meeting Planner

Another vital section in the hospitality industry is entertainment. Resorts and hotels are famous for hosting celebrity weddings, luxury dinners, and other events. And that has opened job opportunities for event planners and coordinators. 

A certificate in this field can give you opportunities in top hospitality industries. One of the best certifications to hold as an event planner is the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP)

Spa and Wellness Professionals

Resorts offer many services, including spa and wellness, a popular tourist activity. But you need a certification to get certain positions in this sector. So, if you want a valuable Spa and wellness professional certificate, the Certified Spa Supervisor (CSS) should be on your list. 

Revenue and Sales Professionals

The sales and marketing department is a vital one in the management sector of the hospitality industry. Certifications in this department are very crucial. There are several programs to help enhance your skills in this department, but the CHRM is one of the most valuable. 

Hospitality Students

One of the best ways of growing your career as a fresher is to get a certification before finishing your degree. This can be through specialized skill acquisition programs or internship programs in Maldives resorts. 

For every position in the hospitality industry, there is a certification that can help you grow your career. We have listed some suitable hospitality industry certifications you might need.

10 Best Hospitality Industry Certifications For Career Growth

If you want to grow your career as a professional in the hospitality industry, there are some certifications you need to learn about. 

  1. Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA)

The CHA is the most valuable certification for hotel managers and executives. Getting these certificates has requirements. Low and high-level workers all have different certifications they are eligible to enroll in. 

Managers and Executives need to have attended the highest level of education to be certified. You need at least two years of higher education in a field in the hospitality industry. 

The Certified Hotel Administrator is awarded after taking an online diagnostic assessment and passing a score. 

  1. Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)

The United States Hospitality and Tourism Academy offers this certificate. It is an excellent certification for students and professionals. One good advantage of getting a CHS is that you get a lifetime certification and no fee or additional requirement for recertification. 

To get the CHS, you must attend a training program with the United States Hospitality and Tourism Academy (USTHA) and pass their exams. 

  1. American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)

This institute is one of the longest-running educational facilities, and it offers a wide range of programs in the hospitality industry. You can explore their various courses in the hospitality and lodging sector, including front office, revenue management, sales, Human resources, housekeeping, Food and Beverage, and Maintenance. 

The AHLEI offers courses across different levels, from high to lower. Unlike the USTHA, you must recertify this certification, as it lasts only five years. However, they offer free online courses that you can use to continue your educational credits. 

  1. Certified Guest Services Professionals

This certificate is the highest certificate for Guest Services Professionals. They have various mediums of training programs for students, including group programs, online study, and academic institutions. 

An advantage of this certification is that opportunities might be more accessible, as some hospitality properties might be designated to this institution. And that makes the certification more valuable and beneficial to the holder. 

  1. Certified Hospitality Department Trainer

The Certified Hospitality Department Trainer is another fantastic program for employees working in this sector. It is also issued by the AHLEI, which offers other certifications like the CHA and CHS listed here. 

This certification is meant for employees training other freshers in different skills. The requirements are also relatively straightforward. You must; 

  • Attend a workshop and submit an application

  • Then, complete the trainer development program

  • And pass the Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT) exams.

The fact that you can retake the exams makes it even easier. You can retake the exams if you fail on your initial try. But this also depends on your score. However, this opens the chances of getting this certification. 

  1. Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer

Marketing has become broad in the online space in recent years. And with hotels and resorts utilizing this medium to promote their brands, there is also a need for skills in digital marketing. That means a certification would be valuable in earning opportunities in the industry. 

The Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer is awarded by the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI). It is one of the few that do not require in-person classes. You also have flexibility for getting the CHDM. 

The process starts with an online application. Then, you get to read a provided guide for the program. Finally, you are required to write the exams at any time convenient. 

  1. Certified Hospitality Sales Professional (CHSP)

Sales and Marketing is another vital part of the administration and management in the Hospitality industry. Sales professionals may need more than just a degree to get opportunities. This certification can benefit full-time employees, making the process easier for them to apply.  

The CHSP can be a valuable additional document to add to your records, with different options of programs available for internationally recognized sales experts. The Certified Hospitality Sales Professional is issued by CHA International, an Executive and consulting firm with worldwide recognition. 

  1. Certified Professional in Catering and Events

Another outstanding certificate to hold in the hospitality industry is the CPCE. And it is suitable for people willing to continue their education in this field. The events and catering management in hospitality provide various opportunities, and this program can be an excellent way to work with other qualified caterers. 

Since this certification allows you to collaborate with other qualified caterers, you can apply in a group of 5, and this can help save money as the fee is $100 off for each person. They also have scholarship programs available four times every year. 

  1. Certified Food and Beverage Executive

Food and Beverage is one of the most essential departments in hotels and resorts. This certification is valuable for different job roles in the hospitality industry. Food and Beverage professionals running a banquet, training staff, ordering supplies, or supervising a kitchen, this certification would be helpful. 

The American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute also issued this prestigious award. If you want to excel in your current position or grow your career, the CFBE is a good idea, as it recognizes professionals who can handle Food and Beverage operations. 

  1. Cvent Supplier Professional Certificate

Cvent is a technology provider for the hospitality, meetings, and events industries. And since its inception in 199, it has been one of the best in the industry. Cvent offers many certifications, including the Supplier Professional Certificate. Another popular certification they award is the Event Diagramming Certification. 

The Cvent Supplier Professional Certificate is for sales and marketing experts looking to enhance their skills and improve conversion. There are also some requirements sales professionals need to get this certification, including knowledge about the Cvent Supplier Network

The exams for this certification are also known for their high standards. You must score at least 80% to receive the Cvent Supplier Professional Certificate. 

Why are Hospitality Industry Certifications Important?

There are many professionals with a degree in different fields in the Hospitality industry. But it is also worth noting that opportunities in hospitality might also require some specialized skills. Exploring a course that specializes in a skill can get you a certification that would make you stand out. Here are some reasons why a hospitality industry certification would be beneficial. These include; 

Being a Standout Job Candidate

On the side of the employers and candidates, certifications can make a difference in the hiring process. So, companies are looking for candidates who have unique attributes and real-life experiences. And having a certificate in a position you are applying for may be the game changer. 

The candidate also gets valuable rewards for having a relevant certification in their document. That is because it can ensure that you qualify for higher positions compared to others. Aside from getting higher jobs, these certificates can also help you climb up the ladder in a shorter time. 

Kick Start Your Career

The hospitality industry certification institutes are about more than just their courses and programs. They also help you get your career off the mark with various opportunities. There are lots of institutions that give employment to the graduates of their programs in less than a year after they complete the course. 

A good example is Career Technical Institute, with about 73% of its programs’ graduate getting employment after completing their course. Another good thing about this institute is that it also offers financial aid to those eligible for it. 

Higher Salary

Professionals in the hospitality industry can use their certifications as leverage to bargain for higher compensation. Experience or qualifications is a massive factor in the salaries of most senior-level and mid-level positions in the hospitality industry. 

What to Consider Before Applying For a Hospitality Industry Certification

Getting a hospitality certification requires careful planning. There are different programs and courses to explore. You need a decent knowledge of what would be a good certification for your career path. Let us look at a few of them here; 

Personal Career Goals

Your career goals are essential when looking to go for a hospitality certification, as this can help you decide what path or specialization to go into. The certificate you are looking to get should align with your long-term or short-term goals in the industry. 

Certification Institute

You have to do due diligence in this regard, and that includes researching the organization that awards the certification. Their credibility and reputation are crucial to having a certificate that actually makes you stand out. 


The more relevant the certification is to the position you are applying for, the better. You need to consider your specialization and also the position you would like to build your career. 


Although you should have found details on this when researching the certification body, it is an essential factor to consider when looking for a hospitality industry certification. 

Wrapping Up

Hospitality Industry Certifications are valuable certificates that can make a difference for professionals in this field. However, you have to know what programs suit your career goals, preferred positions, and specializations. 

However, depending on your specialization in the industry, this list of certifications is one of the best programs out there for hospitality professionals.