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How To Find A Resort Job in Maldives

How To Find A Resort Job in Maldives

The Maldives is a massive destination for tourists. So, it is no surprise that foreigners looking for opportunities want to know how to find a resort job in the Maldives. And there are abundant job opportunities for locals and foreigners in this industry.

If you want to find a job in the Maldives, working at a resort is one of the most feasible ways. Tourism is about 28% of the Maldives’ GDP, so it is understandable how you can get these opportunities. 

However, finding a resort job in Maldives comes with some procedures that you must follow. This post will discuss all you need to know about resort jobs in the Maldives and how to find them. 

What To Look out for When Finding a Resort Job in Maldives

Although there are many job opportunities in the tourism sector, you must also know what steps to follow before applying. This section will walk you through some preparatory steps that you need to evaluate. These include; 

​​Understand the Resort Industry in Maldives

One of the most important things you should understand before finding a job is how the resort industry in Maldives works. You want to gather as much information on critical subjects like staff welfare in resorts, salaries, accommodations, and other benefits. 

There are also various jobs and skills required to work in a resort. So, you must find out what kind of resort jobs match your skills and what requirements can help you win these jobs. Also, the different resorts and local islands are categorized into a few types, which you should understand before applying for jobs.

Discover your Niche and Skillset

Looking for a job can be easier if you have a specific skill set or have experience in a particular field. There are different jobs in the Maldives; some require expertise in a related professional field.

For example, experience in outdoor activities can land you jobs as an instructor for tourists who want to go hiking. Also, if you are a physiotherapist, bodybuilder, or fitness expert, your expertise can make you stand out in landing specific jobs related to your field.  

Research on the Resorts in the Maldives

There are over 100 resorts currently located in the Maldives. These destinations offer slightly different services but are great places for holidays and luxury lifestyles. So, you want to research the vital aspects of your preferred resorts and how they operate. 

Most people want to work in resorts that pay more, which is understandable. However, you must consider other factors while evaluating the resorts you want to apply for. The accommodation of staff, average service charge, and other benefits are things you can consider. Although you can find many resorts with comfortable accommodations, working in a resort would mean that you are likely to share apartments with other co-workers. 

Also, you have to be aware of the regulations on these resorts. Maldives is a Muslim country, and alcohol is highly restricted for staff in most of the resorts. 

How To Find A Resort Job in Maldives: Steps-by-Step Guide

You can find a resort job in the Maldives by following through a few phases. Firstly, you must know the job type to apply for and create a matching resume to showcase your suitability.

Other essential aspects of finding a resort job in the Maldives include job search on various platforms, application process, and legal requirements. So, let's look at the first step you need to take. 

Creating a Matching Resume and Cover Letter

This step is essential in finding any job. You must have a well-crafted resume that mirrors your experience in the hospitality industry. A resume is also great to show your enthusiasm, skills, and qualifications in a specific field or job.

If you want to get an advantage in the hiring process, getting it right with your CV and resume is essential. Writing a customized resume and CV rather than a generic one is advisable. That is because you want to be unique among other applicants for the job.

Find Connections and Networks

We are in an era where information and communication have become more accessible online. And this can help you find a resort job in the Maldives. Building a network and connection with the right individuals can help you get valuable information about working at a resort in the Maldives. 

LinkedIn is a social media platform you can explore. This platform has many professionals you can connect with; finding this network is possible through other professional forums.

However, you must be cautious and avoid scammers who might act as travel or job agencies. To avoid these issues, you can check out this list of recruitment agencies in the Maldives


Applying For Resort Jobs In The Maldives

This step is vital to finding a job in Maldives, so you want to get it right. Here are some steps to follow while applying for a resort job in the Maldives;

Choosing a Prefered Resort

We mentioned earlier the importance of researching the various resorts in the Maldives. That point comes into application here. Provided you have done your research, reaching a decision on which resort you want to apply for should not be a problem.

Note that you are not limited to only applying to one resort at a time. So, select a few from the choices you have and from the resorts that have vacancies. 

You must also remember to choose with some factors in mind such as accommodation, salaries, and other benefits. 

Prepare Your Resume and CV

You must prepare a good resume and CV to show your skills and qualities. This criteria is essential for a resort job and any other application. Although the requirements for lower-level resort workers are not complex, added experience in the hospitality sector can be an advantage. 

There are no strict requirements for resort workers. But the requirements vary with the industry you want to work in. 

Where To Apply For Resort Jobs

Most resort jobs in the Maldives are posted on the resort’s official website. So you can quickly go through their requirement and commence the application process. Another option for finding a resort job in Maldives is through LinkedIn. This platform is famous for having many recruiters and offering opportunities worldwide. 

So, if you have built a great connection and network on LinkedIn, you can quickly get notified when your preferred resort has a job opening. 

There are other recruitment sites like Indeed and Job Maldives. Our job search page at Career Maldives can also find jobs for you with just one search.

Application Process

The procedure for completing an application is relatively straightforward. It requires following the instructions on the resort’s or job portal sites. Mainly, you will provide personal details and submit your Resume and CV. That is why you must ensure that these documents are prepared and have the skillsets to make you stand out. 

Another aspect you want to identify on job opportunities in Maldives is their type. There are full-time and part-time opportunities. So, it is advisable to identify this when applying. 

Application Status

Many people make the mistake of applying for jobs and stopping at that. But you must follow up on every resort job application you put out. Most times, there are many applications for one job, and the hiring process may take long. So, follow up on your application status and watch out for any emails or messages from the resort. 

You must be proactive and ensure you confirm your application status within a reasonable time frame. 

Preparing For Interviews

When your application is received and successful, the resort will invite you for an interview. If you get an invitation for an interview from a resort, it is vital to make a good impression. You can make a sound impression if the questions you are asked are something you expect. That is why you should find out what questions will likely be asked during the interview. 

Here is a list of possible questions you should expect from the interviewer; 

  • What information do you know about this resort/our services?

  • How well do you work in an environment where everyone needs to support each other?

  • How would you handle a dissatisfied or potentially angry client? 

  • What is your perspective on taking and sharing tips? 

  • Would you pick up shifts with little notice when the resort is short-staffed?

If you work as a waiter/waitress or any other resort job related to customer services, you can expect some of these questions above. 

On the other hand, questions during interviews are not only meant to come from the employer. Applicants can also ask some questions about their potential employees. You can ask questions about your work, life outside work, and other concrete questions on how the resort operates. 

Here are a few questions that we think you might want to ask;

  • What can I expect in terms of work/life balance?

  • What activities do employees enjoy outside work?

  • What is the condition of staff accommodation? 

You can also ask questions about your profession or the work environment. Especially if you have professional experience in the job you are applying for. 

What are the Visa Requirements for Finding a Resort Job in the Maldives? 

The visa requirements for foreigners looking to work in the Maldives depend on getting an employer. This step is a massive part of the process as the employer has to apply for an Employment approval (EA) for their prospective employee. This document would allow you to earn a work permit in the Maldives.

The Permits and Foreign Employment Division(PFED) should issue this Employment Approval to your employer.

After getting the employment approval, you must provide other work permit application documents. These include;

  • You must have a medical from an authorized hospital. 

  • Disembarkation/embarkation card approved by the Maldives Immigration

  • Yellow fever vaccine

  • A passport-size photo and 

  • Valid passport. 

Foreigners looking to travel to the Maldives get a visa-free entry for 30 days. However, you only have a 15-day deadline to get a work permit. So, the work visa application process is as follows; 

  • Fill in the online application form for the Maldives work visa. 

  • Submit all the required documents above, including a valid passport bio page. 

  • Wait for approval. After the application is approved, you must submit a copy of your Employment Approval. 

  • Submit your medical report. 

The price of the work visa is to be covered by the employee. And this amounts to around 50 MVR. The work visa takes from 48 hours to get approval. But this depends on getting the EA.

Another different route to get a job in the Maldives is through a student visa. Foreigners can study and work in the country (on a limited basis) for the duration of their course.

What are The Qualifications for Resort Jobs in The Maldives?

Qualifications for a resort job in the Maldives depend on the resort and position. However, experience in the hospitality industry could be an advantage. For entry-level positions, a high school diploma is enough to get you a job at a resort in the Maldives. The requirements for higher-level roles like management and supervisory positions differ; A degree or diploma in Management or Hospitality would be enough.

Also, some positions would require certifications or a license. Other positions require the expertise of someone with experience in the profession, i.e., water sports staff and hiking and yoga instructors. 

Wrapping Up

Finding a resort job in the Maldives is a great idea, especially as this comes with the prospect of moving to a new environment and learning a new culture. Resort staff in the Maldives also get good benefits, salaries, and bonuses.

The most important aspect of this process is finding a job. There are several ways to do that, and we have discussed them in this article. The resort's website is the most reliable option, but you can also explore job websites like Indeed and our Career Maldives job search page. LinkedIn is another platform to build connections while also finding job opportunities.

The thriving tourism sector in Maldives will continue to create more opportunities for people looking to work at resorts. But knowing how to find a resort job in the Maldives is a huge step to getting an opportunity.

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