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Jan 23, 2019
Full time
Marina Manager Purpose of position • To operate a safe, environmentally sound and profitable marina, and to maximise the potential of the facility. • To ensure that all members of staff provide the required standards of service to all customers and tenants at all times. • To ensure that all members of staff are trained to the required standards to provide this service. • To ensure that all the marina’s operating and administrative procedures are complied with at all times.  Organisational relationships • Reports to Executive Management. • Supervises the Marina Supervisor and/or Dockmasters and other staff. • Supervises any maintenance personnel, contractors or other parties using the facility. Nature and scope of position The Marina Manager is responsible for the successful and profitable operation of the marina. The Marina Manager must conform to all the marina’s policies and procedures and ensure that all staff do the same. Consistency of approach is essential. The marina is a customer-driven organisation and therefore customer service and customer satisfaction are the keys to success. The Marina Manager must ensure that customer service remains the top priority while maintaining a safe and environmentally sound business. Duties and responsibilities • Maintain good relations with all customers, ensuring that their boating needs are met at all times. • Oversee all enquiries for berths, making sure that detailed up-to-date records, including all follow ups, are maintained on the computer database. • Oversee berth allocation and associated paperwork involved with boat arrivals and departures. • Maintain accurate berthing records, fee schedules and billing reports for berthing. These documents are essential for the profitable operation of the marina and must be accurate and kept up to date. The billing report should be checked daily. • Ensure prompt collection of outstanding marina fees and rents from debtors. • Liaise regularly with marina tenants, including conducting formal meetings with tenants monthly. Assist with tenant business promotions. Ensure that tenants meet their obligations as set out in their subleases. Be actively involved with negotiation or re-negotiation of sublease agreements in consultation with Executive Management. • Recruit and train all marina employees in accordance with company procedures, including environmental and Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements. Maintain staff training records and ensure all qualifications required are obtained within the three (3) month probationary period. Conduct annual staff performance review meetings. • Ensure staff career progression (if available) and/or training needs are fulfilled. Where appropriate, discipline employees or terminate their employment. • Supervise staff rosters and annual leave allocation for all staff. • Identify daily maintenance tasks to be completed by the staff. • Coordinate all marina staff, including maintenance staff, on a day-to-day basis. Ensure daily duties and additional tasks are performed correctly, as per maintenance lists. Inspect and sign daily timesheets each day. • The Manager must also work closely with after hours security on matters that affect the overall security and safety of the marina, its employees and customers. • Develop and implement strategies to fill vacant berths. • Develop and implement strategies to fill vacant land tenancies. • Plan and manage annual maintenance programs for the marina. The Manager has a responsibility to keep the marina and its associated structures in a safe and well-maintained condition. The planning of long- and short-term programs, including repairs to any heavy machinery, are all undertaken by the Marina Manager. These maintenance plans must include detailed budgets for approval by Executive Management. • Conduct scheduled inspections as per section 6 of the Marina Operations Manual. • Develop detailed budgets and forecasts for all aspects of marina operations, including marketing and advertising. The Marina Manager is also responsible for predicting revenues for each sector of the business. • With Executive Management authorisation, assist and liaise with members of those government organisations required to inspect the marina on occasions for safety or other legislative purposes. • Any incidents or accidents (including environmental ones) that directly affect the marina must be reported by the Marina Manager, in writing, to Executive Management within 24 hours. • Conduct marina staff meetings and attend marina management meetings at regular intervals as agreed by Executive Management. Ensure all paperwork for meetings is prepared and submitted within required timeframes. • Structure networking activities with various boat brokers, including regularly visiting brokers for public relations purposes. • Be on call 24 hours a day. • Ensure daily fuel sales records are scrutinised and signed off. • Introduce potential customers to the marina. This very important duty is usually done on weekends. It involves selling the marina and ensuring the customer receives all information about the services that the marina has to offer. • Ensure all staff, customers, guests, contractors and tenants are aware of the marina’s environmental policy and procedures. • Ensure all environmental protocols are met by all parties (including outside contractors and guests) and develop improvements. • Maintain, administer and document the EMS system, including audits, documentation and recommendations to improve the system . This also involves coordination of the waste management system. • Ensure the marina is operating according to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Authority licences and complies with all environmental requirements. • Update and communicate relevant environmental legislation. • Ensure all workplace health and safety requirements are met. • Maintain reporting.